The Wonder Nature of the Internet of Things

internetofthingsYou realize that in 2016 you are looking at a highly volatile internet connected world. You get into a bus or walk to a park or maybe into almost any building whatsoever, and the one thing that seems to be present other than you and the air you are breathing is the Internet! That is virtually how indispensable the internet has become. The world has become a global village. Thanks to the advent of the Internet.

I did this exercise once, just to observe the prevalence of the Internet in this day and age; I wrote down a list of the things I could do without the help of the internet. It so happened that, of the things I could do, which were very few that I could think of in the twenty minutes that I thought really hard; was eating and walking. Maybe I did not think very hard. But even so, one may argue that in case you need to find out your calorie intake or what healthy foods to eat, then eating automatically falls under what the internet can help you do – which is to eat healthy, not the act of placing the food into one’s mouth. Needless to say, the internet is here with us, in every step of the way. It is being assimilated into virtually everything, and I mean everything we do. Now some may wonder whether it is a good thing or a bad thing? That is entirely another story for another day. But, it is important that we understand that technology does not exist in a vacuum; what it does is to present an opportunity to society, and we as the society determine how we are going to use it to our advantage. It is therefore in our hands what technology can do and what it should not do. So far, data privacy/security is the one problem that is seemingly becoming quite difficult to handle. Almost every industry that uses the internet finds it a challenge to maintain 100% data privacy, but we can still work towards making it better.

Being that the internet can be our friend, we as humans have taken full advantage of this and are manipulating our stakes to find the best possible opportunities that the internet offers. The internet therefore is the body that keeps growing, each and every day, expounding on new discoveries, enhancing the old ones, and making it better and easier to carry out everyday activities. Look around you, you could have a watch on your wrist that has your health records! Such is the internet of things, the revolution is extraordinary!

Looking forward, it is indeed the future that offers the possibility of more to come with the internet, which stirs fear in some people and excitement in others. What is important though is to remember that we are creating, and creations are meant to live for a long time – look at the human race, for example, and you will realize how far we have come, and therefore we are obliged to be mindful creators. What you create now will determine our world today and impact it forever.

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