Souping Up Your PC

happycomputerIf you’re looking for some good ways to soup up your computer, then look no further than these tips from some of our top readers.  They have written in to suggest to you the best ways to help you to get the most out of your computer, even older computers that have begun that slow crawl into old age and destruction.  You know the drill (haha).

Anyway, we highly recommend that you do a few of these steps so that you can ensure that your computer is running as fast as it possibly can, and that you have to deal with a minimum of frustration.

Get more RAM

One of the best ways to speed up a slower computer is to get more RAM.  RAM stands for “random access memory” and it’s a physical measure of how much your computer can do at one time.  RAM is relatively easy to update – just go to a website such as and use their auto RAM finder.  Some computers can’t update their RAM, such as tablets.

Clean Up The Junk

If you can clean up the junk files and folders in your computer that are lying around then that will go a long way towards speeding it up.  The more “junk” a computer has inside, the worse off it is and the slower it will become.  The best way to do this is to employ the use of a cleaning software program, such as CCleaner or PC Health Advsior.  These programs make short work of the excess files, duplicate files, extra registry entries, and all the other stuff that is likely clogging up the system.

Remove Any Adware / Spyware

If you can easily remove all the adware and spyware that tends to be on your system then you’ll be much better off.  These programs can sneak onto your computer and slow things WAY down.  The easiest way to complete this task is to run a software tool such as Spyhunter 4.  This program will make quick work of any infections or spyware that you have on your computer.  I’ve actually used it myself to get rid of a particularly annoying adware called Conduit.  You can check out an article about Spyhunter here at so that you can see just how good and safe it is.

I also highly recommend (if you don’t have it already, which you should) that you install a good antivirus software program such as Norton 360.  This program will help you to ensure that no viruses get on your computer.  Adware is slightly different, but at least this helps.

Uninstall Useless Software

If you have any software on your computer that is useless and just sitting there then we highly recommend that you uninstall it.  It’s just sitting there hogging disk space and some programs even load into memory when you boot your computer.  So if you can get rid of these you’ll be in pretty good shape.  I always tell people not to install software unless it’s absolutely necessary.  However some people love to download lots of programs and then they complain that their computer is slow.  Well, no kidding!

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